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The desire to have children and be parents is one of the most fundamental aspects of being human. The failure to achieve pregnancy even after one year of unprotected coitus is generally termed as infertility. This problem is recently gaining attention by media mainly because of the following two reasons. One is the nature of high expenses involved in the treatment and second due to the alleged involvement of unethical practices. The unethical issues came into notice once after the introduction of assisted reproductive techniques like In-Vitro Fertilization treatments (Test tube baby treatment).

The Moulana IVF is an advanced Assisted Reproductive Technology centre, a new entrant into the ART scenario of Kerala, and to be precise the second of its kind in the entire Malabar region. We are in the field of infertility treatment since 1997 at Moulana Hospital, a multi superspeciality hospital at Perintalmanna, Malappuram District, Kerala State, India. Now, by venturing to add up IVF/ICSI programme we intend to provide these latest Assisted reproductive technologies to the common man; to make the ART facilities available to the poor and needy childless couples, at world class standard. This will be ensured by the international experts in ART from Australia, upholding the ICMR guidelines.
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